Aquaculture Technical Info

Technical Material on Freshwater Aquaculture for fish farmers/students/extension workers/ interested persons:

Technical Material courtesy of the Research Institute for Aquaculture (RAI) No1: Vietnam

Tilapia lessons:

Nutrition Aquaculture:

Aquaculture Feed Formulation:

Aquaculture Feed Extrusion Technology:

Health Management in Aquaculture:

Environment Monitoring in Aquaculture:

Catfish Production:

Aquatic Food Safety Control in Vietnam:

Fish Feed Formula: Make it yourself 2015 raw material costs

The current cost (2016) of 25% protein fish feed is about N$ 13 000/ton due to increase in cost of raw materials
The current cost (2016) to produce 1kg of tilapia (3-Spot) is about N$29,15 (Feed Conversion Ratio of 1.57:1)

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