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Inland Fisheries Survey/Research Schedule: 2016/17

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Inland Fisheries Survey/Research Schedule: 2015

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Surveylance programme 2014

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Surveylance schedule 2013/14
  • MLL/L: Lake Liambezi bimonthly monitoring programme/Liminology/UNAM/POLYTEC (9       Days/bimonthly)(Logistics by E. Simasiku)
  • KBS: Kavango Biological Survey (15 days, twice in year) (Logistics by: Mr G. Hamutenya)
  • OBS: Orange River Survey (14 days/ once in a year (Logistics: by Mr L. Kukuri)
  • CBS: Caprivi Biological Survey (25 days/ twice in a year (Logistics: by Damien Nchindo)
  • KUBS: Kunene Biological Survey/Genetic surveys (Logistics by Mr M. Ekanjo)
  • KGS (Kunene Genetic Surveys or other system) (9 days/ once a year) (Logistics by Mr M. Ekanjo)
  • CAS: FAO (MFMR scientist & NNF
  • KSF (KIFI science forum, Bi annually) (Logistics by Mr. G sitengu)
  • Crockango:  Crockango Angling Competition,  Kavango river, Namibia
  • ZCC:  Zambezi Classic Fishing Competition, Zambezi river, Namibia
  • MDS: Mahangu Disease (EUS) Surveilance

Notes to the Inland Fisheries Surveylance Programme:
Disease surveillance will form part of all the surveys and will also be conducted on a monthly basis
The CBS and KBS are done twice a year to account for species change during high and low water level.
The Kavango, Zambezi and Chobe Rivers are associated with the highly pulsed floods; hence fish composition may vary depending on the level of inundation.

Surveylance Schedule

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