Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Social and Landscaping update at KIFI: 2016/17

KIFI staff with the KIFI staff shirts designed and payed for by staff. This  innitiative by Mr. F Jacobs helped to develop a KIFI identity and boost staff morale
KIFI staff meet every Monday and constantly engage with innitiatives to boost staff morale. The idea of Mr. Francois Jacobs (Acting Chief Fisheries Biologist) to design a KIFI shirt for KIFI staff was one such an innitiative. Landscaping and sport events (soccer and netball) are other examples of KIFI staff creating a condusive working environment. Staff members are competing to have the most beautiful gardens at their homes, while laborers, workhands and temporary labourers are constantly amazing management with expanding and upkeeping of the gardens at KIFI.

Another innitiative of the KIFI staff was a tree planting day on 17 February 2017 whereby about 30 fruit trees obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture in Divundu were planted by staff members in a special fruit garden at KIFI.

Job well done. Please keep it up...!!!

KIFI staff and field attachment stundents planting trees at KIFI on 17 February 2017

New landscaping at KIFI Gate and complex garden below

Mr. Jacobs  house on the right and above. Deon Tiyo's house on the left and below
Landscaping at Deon Tiyeho's house

Divisional headquarters, Mr. Burger's latest landscaping improvements above and below

New braai at Mr. Burger's house (private funds)

Landscaping improvement at the aquarium with messages and greetings in different languages painted on stones (above and below)