Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Professional Master’s Program in Fishery Science 2016-2018

Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU), founded in 1902, is a state key university and a “211” project university under the Ministry of Education of China. With agriculture and life sciences as its orientations, NAU has a harmonious development of diverse branches of learning including agriculture, science, economy, management, engineering, art, law, etc.. During it’s over 100-year of education, NAU has graduated more than 200, 000 talents including 51 academicians.

Wuxi Fisheries College of Nanjing Agricultural University (WFC) was jointly established by Freshwater Fisheries Research Center of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (FFRC) and NAU in 1993, and started MSc education in 1996. Currently, it provides 2 PhD programs and 2 MSc programs respectively in aquaculture and hydrobiology, with the PhD program in aquaculture being the fist-class discipline; besides, it has one postdoctoral station for aquaculture. Meanwhile, WFC is among the first institutes that set up Professional Master’s Program in fishery science.

Since 1981, WFC began to organize international training programs. So far, over 2180 fishery technicians and officials from 113 countries have been trained here. In 2014, WFC was designated as the FAO Reference Centre for Aquaculture and Inland Fishery Research and Training. A team of high-level, reliable English proficiency and rich management experiences has been forged during the long period of international training and education. The postgraduate education programs of WFC are based on supervisor-responsible system and allocated with professional management team to make full advantage of team-leadership. WFC also strictly adheres to the quality management standard of ISO9001 system for its course design, arrangement and teaching evaluation, in an effort to demonstrate Chinese characteristics while absorbing the merits of world famous universities, and to guarantee high quality and utmost effect.

1.      Program objectives

(1)     A profound knowledge of basic theories and professional knowledge of fishery science, familiar with the world fishery S&T development and equipped with a comprehensive knowledge structure;

(2)     A spirit of innovation and practices, capable of independently engaging in fishery technical and rural developing tasks;

(3)     Good at innovative thinking, able to carry out independent research in fisheries.

(4)     A rigorous style of study, good morality, committed to promoting the development of fisheries and agricultural industries through strengthening S&T cooperation between his/her country and China;

2.      Requirement for applicants

Applicants should be from fishery-related administration or extension departments, universities, colleges, institutes, or business etc., and should meet the following conditions:

(1)     In good health condition;

(2)     With the certificate a bachelor's degree (or an equal one) in fishery, biology, environment, and related majors;

(3)     English as the mother tongue or an ideal English proficiency test score (eg. IELES, TOEFL, etc.);

(4)     Under the age of 40.

3.      Program type, duration, and credit requirement

Program type: Full-time education for 2 years.

Duration: September 01, 2016- August 31, 2018 (subject to the official admission notice)

Credit requirement: students should complete at least 30 credits for the full program. 

Wuxi Fisheries College of Nanjing Agricultural University ADD:  No.9 East Shanshui Road, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu 214081, China Coordinator:  Ms. LI Feifan, Mr. ZHANG Zongli, Prof. YUAN Xinhua
TEL/FAX +86-510-85555796 EMAIL liff@ffrc.cnzhangzl@ffrc.comyuanxinhua@hotmail.com 

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