Thursday, July 30, 2015

Study Opportunity: Masters in Fisheries Science: Wuxi China

WUXI and KIFI staff during their visit in 2013

How are you doing?

This is Eileen from  FFRC, i.e. Wuxi fisheries college of Nanjing agricultural university (WFC). 

We paid a visit there in 2013 if you still remember. (read more about this visit at:

Eileen (Zhang Lin) with KIFI staff members

In September this year, we are going to organize this two-year international education 
program---2015-2017 Professional Master's Program in Fishery Science for developing 
countries, which is fully supported by Ministry of Commerce(MofCOM) and granted by 
Ministry of Education of China;

  I'm writing in the wish that you could help to spread this information to those who are 
interested and qualified, so they could apply through Chinese Embassy there.
Those who apply successfully will get the full scholarship plus a round-ticket for 
coming and returning offered by the Ministry. So it's really a good opportunity.

Besides,  another two seminars are going to be held in our center (download below) 

Potential candidates may also be recommended to ECC through your government, 
or if not possible, to us directly.

Thank you very much for your support and effort; any question, please let me know.

Full details of the description about this program and the application form can be downloaded at: 

张霖 ZHANG Lin
Freshwater Fisheries Research Center, CAFS
East Shanshui Rd., Wuxi, China
TEL +86 510 85555796
Mobile+86 13921186180

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