Thursday, March 26, 2015

Workshop to Review Aquaculture Training Documents for Technicians and Fish Farmers: Ongwediva 23-27 March 2015


The South South Cooperation Programme through Output 2: "Improved capacities of fish farmers through effective extension services and transfer of technology facilitated by the Directorate of Aquaculture (DoA)" has developed training materials on fish farming in Namibia; and on-job training courses on aquaculture practises to fish farmers throughout the country. These were developed by FAO appointed consultants and as final activity must be revised by the DoA before implementation. The DoA therefore organized the workshop in Ongwediva from 23 to 27 March 2015 for this purpose.
Fisheries Research Technicians and Biologists attending the workshop.  Photo courtesy Dr. Dihn Van Trung

The first 3 days of the workshop was spend to finalise the aquaculture compendium (consisting out of 8 lessons  regarding technical guidance for technicians) and the remaining 2 days was dedicated to the final scrutiny of 6 Aquaculture lessons for fish farmers. The training documents revised at this workshop will be sent to FAO FIRA for technical comments before using it as formal training documents 

The workshop was attended by 20 key participants  from 5 duty stations (Caprivi Regional office, KIFI, Rundu office, Ongwediva & Onavivi IACs, Hardap IAC and Head office) 

The way forward:

  • The 8 lessons used for technicians will be loaded on the website of the MFMR (the links to these lessons will be punlished on this site as well under a dedicated Page for AquacultureTraining materials)
  • The 6 lessons used for fish farmers will be translated into local languages before publishing 

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