Friday, March 20, 2015

Inland Fisheries Survey and Research Schedule: 2015

The Inland Fisheries Research Survey Schedule is available for download at:

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MLL / L    : Lake Liambezi Monitoring Program / Limnology / UNAM / Polytechnic 
                      (9 Days / Bi – monthly).LogisticsMs V. Mumba
KBBS         : Kavango Biological Survey (15 Days / twice a year). 
                       Logistics – Mr G. Hamutenya
OBS            : Orange River Survey (14 Days / once in a year after every two (2) years). 
                       Logistics – Mr L. Kukuri
ZBS              : Zambezi Biological Survey (25 Days / twice a year). Logistics – Mr Munwela
KBS              : Kunene Biological Survey (9 Days / once in a year after every two (2) years).           Logistics – Mr M. Ekandjo
KGS               : Kunene Genetic Surveys or other systems (9 Days / once a year). 
                          Logistics – Mr M. Ekandjo
CAS                : FAO (MFMR Scientist and NNF). Logistics- Mr. Burger
KSF                : Science Forum Swakop (3 Days) .Logistics – Mr F. Botes
Crockango     : Crockango Angling Competition (4days and one night) - Mr. G Hamutenya
PAR                : Protected Area Research towards M.Sc (2 days, week-ends; Total 63 boat days) 
                          Mr. R. Burger and other professional anglers (up to 8), Research area 
                          Kavango river (Shamvura and Mahangu areas)

-            Fishing competitions and disease surveillance programmes may be slotted at any given time.
-            The ZBS and KBBS are proposed to be done, twice a year to account for species change 
        during high and low water levels.
-           The Kavango, Zambezi and Chobe Rivers are associated with the highly pulsed floods; 
        hence fish composition may vary depending on the magnitude and during of inundation.
-            CAS to include Lessons on Research Design / Proposal Writing and Research Write –up.
-           Frame Survey dates to be announced

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