Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Broodstock transfer from KIFI for Genetic Selection Project at Onavivi: 16-18 March 2015

Broodstock (3 Spot Tilapia) leaving KIFI for Onavivi Inland Aquaculture Center
Selective Breeding Project 
under the 

The transport of 3-Spot tilapia broodstock from KIFI to Onavivi Inland Aquaculture Center (OIAC) took place on 17 March 2015. The fish arrived at Onavivi IAC on the 18th of March 2015. Two stains of broodstock made the journey. One stain from the Kavango river consisting out of 210 fish (male and female) and one strain from the Zambezi system consisting of only 16 fish. The team from Onavivi collected the Zambezi broodstock from Katima on the 16 th of March and then proceeded to KIFI where the fish were kept overnight in sement holding tanks before reloading them along with the Kavango strain in seperate tanks for the long journey.

These 2 strains of 3-Spot tilapia (Oreochromis andersonii) will join a strain from the Kunene system at Onavivi IAC and will undergo a selective breeding programme for the development of  improved 3- Spot tilapia for commercial production purposes.

The mortality during the transport was quite high with 99 fish of the Kavango strain dead and luckily all 16 of the Zambezi strain surviving. This means that there are 111 of the Kavango strain remaining. In total there are 77 female and 34 male Kavango brood stock surviving and 9 male and 7 female from the Zambezi strain. 
KIFI staff collecting brood stock in the Kavango river during November 2014. Photo courtesy Ms. Kombada

Tate Abner from KIFI scooping the Zambezi broodstock from their holding facility.
Tate Joseph from KIFI adding ice to the transfer tank to keep the fish calm
KIFI and Onavivi staff loosening the harpas where the Kavango broodstock was kept for collection
Helmut busy collecting the Kavango broodstock with a scoop net 
Kavango broodstock being loaded into the transfer tank for the long journey to Onavivi

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