Sunday, March 2, 2014

Headmen Muhero visit KIFI: 21 February 2014

Headmen Muhero (middel) of the Hambukushu Traditional Authority from Kamutjonga village with his secretary Mr. Edward (R) and Mr. Burger (L)
Headmen Muhero visited KIFI on Friday, 21 February 2014 to discuss issues effecting KIFI and the Kamutjonga village under the Hambukusu Tribal Authority. The meeting was attended by Headmen Muhero, his Secretary, Mr. Edward, Mr. Burger (Deputy Director: KIFI) and Mr. Sitengu (Chief Fisheries Biologist: KIFI). Matters arising from the previous meeting that was held on 11 November 2013 were discussed. Mr. Burger informed Headmen Muhero that the Tribal Fund Registration Card of the Hambukushu Tribal Authority was discussed with all KIFI staff members. Staff members that are willing will participate by registering.  Warrant Officer Makushe (Station Commander) from the Divundu Police Station was invited as per  his request, but could unfortunately not make it as a result of other commitments. She however confirmed future attendance of these meetings.

Headmen Muhero and Mr. Burger requested new issues to be discussed as follow:
  1. Nature Conservation official from Mahangu Game Park also to attend the meeting in future (Headmen Muhero).  This will create a platform where  illegal fishing in the park and human wildlife conflict issues affecting KIFI staff  and Kamutjonga villagers can be discussed. Mr. Burger will invite the officer in charge at Mahangu Game Park for the next meeting.
  2. Damage to Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) infrastructure at the low water bridge and river jetty at KIFI (Mr. Burger). Mr. Burger showed Headmen Muhero pictures of damage to the KIFI's river infrastructure.  Headmen Muhero indicated that this infrastructure is to the advantage of the Kamutjonga community and that he will take it up with the community.
  3. Temporary workers from Kamutjonga village (Mr. Burger). Mr. Burger informed Headmen Muhero that KIFI will only be able to request for 15 temporary workers for the financial year 2014/15 as a result of a limited budget. Headmen Muhero accepted the reduction from 20 to 15 temporary workers and expressed his gratitude for the employment opportunity of Kamutjonga community members.
  4. Registration of voters for the upcoming election will take place at Kamutjonga Primary School from 25-28 February 2014. Headmen Muhero requested Mr. Burger to inform all staff at KIFI about the opportunity to register at Kamutjonga Village.

Mr. Burger proposed a meeting schedule for these important meetings with Headmen Muhero. The schedule   was accepted. The next meetings will take place as follow:

20 May 2014
13 August 2014
19 November 2014

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