Friday, January 24, 2014

Induced Breeding Season for Catfish Start at KIFI: 15 January 2014

Mr. Mwanamwali from  KIFI explaining induced breeding of catfish to field attachment students from Unam and Polytech.
The induced breeding of catfish has started at KIFI for the production of catfish fingerlings. Wednesday afternoon, 15 January 2014 staffmembers from KIFI and field attachment students from Unam and Polytech started the process by injecting the male and female catfish with Ovaprim hormone in order to prepare them for the stripping and fertilization of egss the next morning.
Picture 1: Mr. Mikchael Kangausary  (Unam student) injecting a female catfish with Ovaprim hormone. Picture 2: Eggs stripped from the female catfish. Picture 3: Male gonads removed from male catfish. Picture 4: Catfish eggs fertilized with male sperm using a feather to mix.

Mr Van Trieu Duc distributing the eggs in the special made incubators at KIFI shortly after fertilization.

Newly hatched catfish fry in the incubators at KIFI


Iita said...

Very informative. Keep it going sir!!!

Renier Burger said...

Thank you ...we will said...

This is an effective step towards catfish breeding. We need more such projects around the world.