Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fingerling production at KIFI back on track: Water problem almost solved ...gardening resume

Fingerling production at Kamutjonga Inland Fisheries Institute is back on track with the eventual repair of the raw water pumping system at the Institute. Water is pumped from the river to a settling pond that feeds the circulation system in the broodstock ponds, hatchery, brooding house and raceway building. The circulated  water is used for gardening purposes. The KIFI team is hard at work to innitiate the new fingerling production season. 
Mr. Mataya and his team relocating 3 Spot tilapia broodstock and cleaning/sterilizing ponds 
Catfish broodstok relocated to the brooding house for sorting
Gardening at KIFI has also resumed with the circulation system operating. Mr. Shapenga and his team wasted no time to establish new lawns and a landscape that contributes to a condusive working environment. 

KIFI"s proud labour force from the Kamutjonga village hard at work weeding a newly established lawn at the Office building

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