Friday, October 11, 2013

KIFI Research Meeting: 10 October 2013

Researchers from Kamutjonga Inland Fisheries Institute met Thursday morning , 10 October 2013 at the KIFI boardroom. The purpose of the meeting was to innitiate the development of comprehensive programmes for Inland Fisheries Surveys (nationally) and Aquaculture (KIFI) that will guide the implementation of these crucial functions on an annual basis.

Mr. Burger reiterated the importance of programmes for proper management  and the advancement of research. It will also give a timeline approach with regard to implementation of activities and reporting on those activities. Operational issues like procurement for the lab and equipment for aquaculture and inland fisheries surveys must be included in the overall research management calender. A procurement list for the lab will be developed by researchers. This will allow research staff to implement water quality and fish health tests on a continious basis in line with the programmes.

 A large site map of KIFI with descriptive text boxes under each facility will be developed and displayed at the KIFI reception along with the aquaculture management calender and inland survey programme. This will give an exact description of what is happening at KIFI on a daily basis. 

Inland Fisheries Programme:

A survey schedule for all the inland rivers and water bodies has already been developed and is available on the survey schedule page of this website. The meeting deliberated the establishment of 3 to 4 teams to conduct these surveys. The teams will be composed out of researchers from all IAC's (Inland Aquaculture Centers) teams will conduct surveys on a rotational system that will allow all the different teams to be eventually  exposed to all the different surveys (Zambezi, Kavango, Kunene, Lake Liambezi, Orange river etc).  This will allow all researchers to gain experience with the different surveys and data analyses that goes with it. A specific teams cannot partake in a survey if the data from the previous survey was not submitted.

The programme will also make provision for an Inland Fisheries Status Report that will be developed on an annual basis in consultation with stakeholders like the University of  Namibia  and Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF).

The final survey programme will be available during the first week of November.

Aquaculture Programme:

All reseachers will be involved in aquaculture activities and research. The aquaculture management programme will be a timeline approach to the production of fingerlings at KIFI. An aquaculture management calender will be developed as part of the aquaculture programme. KIFI does not have production ponds, but effort will be made to establish production data in terms of growth and feed conversion ratios with all male or mixed sex fingerlings under different environmental conditions.

The aquaculture programme will make provision for the development of Biosecurity/health/safety plan/protocol for KIFI inline with OIE and health and safety requirements for an aquaculture research institution. Standard operating procedures will be developed for all the different components (aquaruim, brooding house, hatchery, ponds etc) of acuaculture at KIFI. Registers will be developed to record relevant data (water temperature&quality, number of fish, weight of fish, amount of fish feed given etc) A procurement list will be devoleped for all chemicals and equipment including lab equipment.

The aquaculture programme will be available the first week of November 2013.

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