Monday, September 16, 2013

Fish Identification: Dusky Bream...?


26 August 2013: Mauro Rosa from the Crockango Angling Club requested (sms) information on the "Dusky bream" as there is no description of it in prof. Skelton's book, "Fishes of Southern Africa"....?

Response from Denis Tweddle:

Sargochromis species in Upper Zambezi, Namibia

"There are four species of smallmouth breams, Sargochromis species, in the Upper Zambezi River. Two of these are believed to be definitively identified. These two are the pink bream, Sargochromis giardi, and the rainbow bream, Sargochromis carlottae.

The third species, a smaller, less deep bodied species was thought to be the green bream,Sargochromis codringtonii, while a fourth species was confused with the pink bream until very recently.

Because of its darker overall colouration, the name ‘dusky bream’ was suggested for this latter species. In referring back to the original descriptions instead of relying on the revision by Bell-Cross in 1975, it has now been realised that the dusky bream is in fact almost certainly S. codringtonii...."

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