Thursday, September 26, 2013

Broodstock Collection for the Oreochromis andersonii (3 Spot Tilapia) Selective Breeding Program

KIFI staff pulling the dragnet for broodstock in the Kavango river near KIFI
The Directorate Aquaculture in collaboration with the South South Cooperation and with assistence of the FAO Project: GCP/NAM/014/SPA  is busy with broodstock collection in preparation for a selective breeding program to improve the genetic potential of Oreochromis andersonii (3-Spot tilapia) for aquaculture production. The process is in full swing with the collection of the base population broodstock from the Kunene-, Kavango- and Zambezi drainage systems. 250 Mixed sex male and female fish need to be collected from each system.

It is proving to be a very challenging exercise as the 3-Spot tilapia is not so easy to catch, especially if the desired size of the broodstock is 200-250g while you are dodgeing crocodiles and hippo. KIFI staff managed to collect about 100 three-spot with just over 100 being collected in the Zambezi region up to date. The process will continue deep into October untill the required number of  broodstock has been collected ...

KIFI staff and temporary workers fixing the net for the broodstock collection
Fish collected during one of the hauls...only 2 of them were 3-spot...the rest (rendali and greenheads)

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