Thursday, August 8, 2013

KIFI Fish Collection Project: FAO Namibia/MFMR: Prof. Paul Skelton: 29-30 July 2013

Kamutjonga Inland Fisheries Institute (KIFI) was so fortunate to host the well known and respected Prof. Paul Skelton during his mission with FAO to establish a Musuem for fish collection at KIFI. Prof. Skelton is the author of the very popular book " Fishes of Southern Africa". It was a great honor to be graced by his presence at KIFI.

The main purpose of his mission was to identify possible facilities at KIFI that is suitable for the purpose of  fish collection and actions to establish such a facility. The KIFI fish processing facility that is currently not in use proofed to be a very suitable facility for the purpose of fish collection.

Staff members were very exited to meet prof. Skelton in person and have a photo taken with him.

Mr. Burger with Prof. Skelton and his famous publication on Fishes of Southern Africa
Mr. H. Khaebeb, Van, Sitengu and Simasiku with Prof. Skelton

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