Thursday, August 22, 2013

International Zambezi Classic Fishing Competition: 20-24 August 2013

The International Zambezi Classic angling competition hosted by the Nwanyi Angling Club started on Tuesday, 20 August with the official opening and the Captains meeting. This competition has a long and proud  history of over 20 years of competitive angling during these annual events. 

The budget for this years competition is more than N$1.3 million. It contributes to the local economy and the development of the local Sikunga Conservancy. The Conservancy benifitted financially from this event. A  motorised boat was donated to the conservancy during the 2012 competition. They also receive fuel for patrols in the Sikunga channel.  The simbiotic relationship between the Nwanyi Angling Club and the Sikunga Conservancy has led to the protection of fish in the Sikunga channel for a sustainable fishery that can support and improve the income and livelihoods of the community members.

This years competition will also include a mokoro competition with prices for the best mokoro anglers. 

The boat that was donated to the Sikunda Conservancy during a prior competition
Some of the over 80 boats that will participate in this years competition

Mr. Strys Coertzen, Chairperson of the Mwanyi Angling Club handing over gift vouchers to the Sikunga Conservancy Fish Gaurds during the official opening of the competition
Some of the MFMR staff members from Katima Mulilo officiating at the competition
Participating anglers during the official opening of the competition
The full report of the competition will be published once available...

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