Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kamutjonga Inland Fisheries training update: June 2013

 Students and their lecturer doing field work at Karovo Fish farm, namely: Students: A. Kayunde, B Liwakala, B. Shaalulange, D. Kaanandunge, F Libebe, H. Afrikaner, J. Karora, R, Thinyemba, R.Kaapala, R. Shamongula, T. Shapwako and  W. Kalimbo

The first joint MFMR/UNAM practical training course aimed at improving technical competency in freshwater aquaculture in Namibia is currently ongoing with the MFMR, Fisheries Biologist, Mr. Kandjou and Mrs. E. Ndivayele lecturing the last session before a short recess at the beginning of July.
Mr. Kandjou and Mrs. E. Ndivayele will return to their respective duty stations on Saturday, 29 June 2013. 

Students did field work at Karovo Fish Farm with their lecturer, Mrs. Ndivayele  on Monday, 24 June 2013. It was part of their monthly sampling to asses fish growth at the fish farm. 

 Students appreciating the freshly caught Three spot tilapia from Lake Liambezi
The students also went for a field visit to Katima Mulilo on 26 June 2013. The purpose was to familiarize themselves with  aquaculture and fishing activities in that region.  They visited Likunganelo fish farm, which is a cooperative fish farm run by community members supported by the MFMR  in terms of inputs and skills development. It is an integrated farm where fish, crops and livestock are produced with the purpose to improve production and sustainability. 

Report by Mrs. E. Ndivayele, Onavivi Inland Aquaculture Center

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