Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beware of rabies

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The epidemic of rabies amongst Kudu’s and other animals such as cattle can easily spread to humans.When working with a rabid animal, infection can easily take place through open wounds or even when the spittle of an infected animal lands in the eye of a person. A person can be the carrier of the virus for as long as one year before the sickness emerges.

Whilst the vaccine is available at pharmacies, it seems that the serum to treat rabies in humans is a big problem in Namibia. According to information it is very difficult to obtain it within the given time for treatment if a person is infected.

As preventative measure it is recommended that people who work with possible infected animals, wear gloves at all times. Furthermore it is recommended that medical aid should be obtained as soon as possible if there is a suspicion that there was contact with a rabid animal especially in cases of open wounds. 

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