Friday, June 7, 2013

Aquaculture & Inland Fisheries Programme: June 2013

Place / Project
Output at end of activity
1-30 June
Katima Office
Empting ponds
Clearing and preparation of  garden
Sorting  and grading of fish
Cleaning  of farm
Transportation of seedlings to Likunganelo

Katima, Likunganelo

S. Simulebu
C. Mwiya

Maintenance and upgrading of the farm
4-19 June
Katima Office
Entering of Biological, floodplains  and Lake Liambezi monitoring Survey data
Katima Office
J. Lubanda
Contribution to quarterly report  and update of data base

3-7 June 2013
Deputy Director, Mr. Burger conduct meetings with staff and stakeholders. Discuss personnel related issues, work-plans, performance agreements, reporting, research etc.
Katima, Rundu, Ongwediva, Onavivi and Epalela  aquaculture sites.
Mr. RD Burger
Contribution to quarterly report
Finalisation of Performance Agreements
Financial Profiles in place
8-17 June 2013
Attend Okacom Meeting in Maun
Maun/ Botswana
Mr. C. Munwela
Contribution to quarterly report

8-17 June 2013
FAO Mission of Mr. Bueno (consultant) to NE and NW regions
Kamutjonga Inlad fisheries Institute, Karovo Fish farm, Mpungu Fish Farm, OVC Fish Farm, HIV Fish Farm, OnaviviIAC and Epalela Fish Farm
Spanish Expert, Mr. Mwiya, Mr. Burger, Mr. Mataya, Mr. Keibeb, Mr. Hamutenya, SSC Team, Mr. Kandjou, Ms, Ndivajele, Mr Ngulu, Mr. Ndikwetepo
Preparation of Training and Extension Materials
17-21 June 2013
Visit headman and asses fishing activities in Chobe, Lake Liambezi and Zambezi
Lake Liambezi and Zambezi river systems
C. Munwela, D Nchindo and
Contribution to quarterly report

10th – 14st  June 2013
Stocking and Horticulture.
Empting  NP1 and NP4, Fix pond embankments
Harold, Duc and Celestino
Contribution to quarterly report
17th - 22th June 2013
Oversee Stocking, water quality  and Horticulture activities.
Victoria, Vale and Duc
Contribution to quarterly report
preparing documents for the ADB Korea agreement on training

Windhoek MFMR
Ms. P. Elago
Contribution to quarterly report
25-26 June 2013
Research and Survey Planning Workshop
Katima Mulilo
CFB’s and SFB’s, NNF and Unam reps
Contribution to quarterly report  and compilation of a Research Programme + Survey Programme for 2013/14

24-28 June 2013
Asses the Kasaya Channel on Impalila area House boats and discuss the Joint Operation on Ghost Nets with Botswana Counterparts in Kasane
C. Munwela, D Nchindo and
Contribution to quarterly report

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