Thursday, May 16, 2013

NAMSOV Community Trust Aquaculture Projects: Discussion with Honourable Minister B. Esau

Hon. Minister B. Essua (M) with Jerome Mouton (CEO: NAMSOV) to his left 
Honourable B. Esau, Minister (Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources) met with the NAMSOV management on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 to discuss the companies proposed involvement with small scale community aquaculture projects.

Mr. Mouton welcomed the Hon. Minister and his delegation. He expressed NAMSOV's willingness to plough back into the fishing sector by supporting vulnerable communities or individuals involved in aquaculture.  He also mentioned that technical support from the Directorate Aquaculture will be needed in this regard.
NAMSOV and MFMR, Aquaculture staff with Hon. Minister, B Esau discussing NAMSOV's  aquaculture support initiative 

Honourable Minister Esau informed NAMSOV about different prospective aquaculture projects in the country that need support. A detailed discussion followed.  Mr. Mouton proposed that NAMSOV will do a feasibility study and then come up with a detailed business plan to support the selected projects in a process that will involve  the MFMR. 

Way Forward:
List of proposed projects submitted to NAMSOV by the MFMR
NAMSOV to analyse info regarding the projects
Select a project/s for support in consultation with the MFMR
Develop detailed business plan/s for selected project/s

20 May: List of projects with site assessment reports availed to NAMSOF
5 June 2013: Progress report to Minister
18 June 2013: Next consultative meeting

For more info contact: Ms. Tuna Willem from NAMSOV at:

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