Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Strategic Planning Stakeholders workshop: Walvis Bay, 16-17 May 2013

Venue: Walvis Bay Municipal Hall

The Stakeholder workshop was chaired by Dr. Moses Maurihungirire (Directorate Aquaculture). Honourable Chief Ankama, Deputy Minister and Honourable B. Esau, Minister welcomed the fisheries stakeholders and distinguished guest to the workshop.

Honourable Minister, B Esau addressing the fisheries stakeholders
Honourable Deputy Minister, Ankama addressing the fisheries stakeholders
Presentations were made by the MFMR (Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources), OPM (Office of the Prime Minister) and the NPC (National Planning Commission) regarding the strategic planning process, the MFMR Strategic Plan (SP) and its relevance in the development agenda regarding NDP4 and the achievement of the goals of Vision 2030. Stakeholders were given an opportunity to give their inputs on the MFMR's SP.
Master of Ceremony/Chairperson, Dr. Moses Maurihungirire, Director Aquaculture

Audience: MFMR staff with fisheries stakeholders
Mrs.Bronwen Currie from the Division, "Mariculture" responding to a questions from stakeholders
Glodean Limbo from OPM busy with their presentation
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