Thursday, April 11, 2013

South South Cooperation: Director Visit KIFI to Measure Progress: 10 April 2013

Dr. Moses Maurihungirire (nearest) with Dr. Chung and the 3 Vietnamese Technical Assistants  and Mr. Burger, Mr Mataya and Mr. Mwanamwali on the opposite side of the table
The Director of Aquaculture, Dr. Moses Maurihungirire accompanied by Dr. Dinh van Toung and Mr. Ngo Sy Van (Vietnamese Technical Experts) visited KIFI as part of their mission on the South South Cooperation Programme. Read more about their schedule at:

The meeting was attended by six staff members from KIFI:  Mr. Burger (Dep. Director: KIFI), Ms. V. Mumba, Mr. H. Amkongo, Ms. K. S. Dawid (Politech student), Mr. D. Mwanamwali, Mr. Mataya Hermes (SSC Team Leader KIFI) Mr. V. Duc and Mr. N. van Diep (Vietnamese technicians).

Mr. Burger alias Dokota Bega (Deputy Director: KIFI) welcomed all participants and asked Ms. Victoria Mumba to open the proceedings with a prayer. 

Dr. Maurihungirire encouraged inland fisheries researchers to pursue research with passion and pride. It is a privilege to be employed and work in such a conducive environment. No challenge can be too big or daunting to overcome as the tools of science and the capacity of the human brain has proved that there is always a solution. He encouraged KIFI staff to be active in research. Each professional staff member should at least engage in two research activities per year and present papers to this effect. He further encouraged staff to participate and present research at the upcoming Research Workshop organised by the Directorate Resource Management (MFMR) during early June 2013 in Swakopmund.  
Dr. Maurihungirire further elaborated on the good relations between Namibia and Vietnam as the current cooperation in the aquaculture industry clearly reflects. He made it clear that no stone must be left un-turned in order to achieve the implementation of activities under the SSC Programme. Progress must be monitored and reported in a scientific format acceptable to all stakeholders and in accordance with applicable agreements.

The floor was then handed to the presenters. Mr. Mataya Hermes made the first  Presentation on The Implementation Plan of SSC activities, issues, challenges and the way forward at KIFI. This was followed with a presentation by Mr. Duc (Vietnamese Aquacaulture technician)on: Comparison on the growth rate of Tilapia between all male and mix gender at Karovo fish farm. 

Mr. Ngo Sy Van presented two project proposals: Application Of The Current Techniques To Produce  Zooplankton Biomass and  Establish a native Freshwater Fish Museam at Kamutjonga Inland Fisheries Institute 
These proposal was discussed in depth and several amendments was proposed and noted. These documents are available on request.

The meeting ended 12:40 pm.
The next progress reporting meeting of the SSC Programme will take place on a date still to be confirmed during the next quarter somewhere in June/July 2013.

Mr. Mataya presented progress on the SSC activities on behalf of KIFI
Mr. V. Duc (Vietnamese Aquaculture Technician) busy with his presentation 

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