Thursday, April 11, 2013

RAMSAR site Proposal: Lower Kavango, Mahangu Game Park Meeting: 10 April 2013

Dr. Chris Brown explaining the delineation of the proposed RAMSAR site in the lower Kavango  (Mahangu Game Reserve)
Mr. P. Steyn, regional head of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism convened a meeting at Mahangu Game Reserve scheduled for 14:00 pm with all relevant stakeholders to discuss the proposed RAMSAR site in the lower Kavango river basin within Namibia. The site will fall within the boundaries of the Mahangu Game Reserve.
Lodge owners attending the meeting

Dr. Peter Tarr, Dr. Chris Brown and Brian Jones from Southern African Institute for Environmental Assessment (SAIEA) addressed the audience on the proposed site as well as the proposed integrated multi-stakeholder management plan for the sustainable management of the site.

Stakeholders that were consulted include the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (represented by Mr. Burger: Deputy Director Inland Aquaculture), lodge owners,  Ministry of Environment and Tourism staff at Mahangu as well as the Traditional authority at Kamutjonga.
Delineation of the proposed RAMSAR site in the lower Kavango: Mahango Game Reserve

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The meeting ended 17:00 pm

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