Friday, April 26, 2013

Main pump at KIFI goes bust: KIFI without raw water

Mr. Dominic Mwanamwali (R) at the electric box of the main pump. 
The main pump of KIFI at the river stopped working on Friday, 19 April 2013. After closer inspection it was realised that the starter box was the cause of the problem. The Ministry of Works tested the system on the 24th of April. It came to the light that the soft starter in the electric box is not working. 

We hope that the MoW can resolve the problem asap...KIFI will try and incorporate a tandem system by installing an auxiliary pump with its own electric box. Let us hope there is money available to do this otherwise we will have the same problem in future...

There is currently no raw water supply for the aquaculture system at a result the  the screening and delifery of fingerlings is delayed

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